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Twenty-Five (25) Solid Circles


This target contains 25 solid circles and is perfect for running drills with a handgun or rifle. The circles are about 1.25" diameter and are just the right size for a challenge. With a handgun try setting the target at ranges between 3 and 10 yards. One common way to use this target is to fire 1-2 rounds at each circle in 1 minute, then 45 seconds, and then as fast as possible.

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Bob S. on January 6, 2016

Try 5 shots, 1 per bullseye, left to right in five seconds or less for "Rapid Fire Sequence". This is a wonderful way to practice target acquisition and instinctive aiming for real life combat scenarios. It will humble you quickly. Makes a good challenge target for fellow shooters on the line that like to race. Good Luck!

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