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Billiards, No Color, Scattered

Shoot all of the Billiards!

Many people like to use this target with a shooting partner. One way is to set the target out to 50 yards or more (It should be some distance that is a challenge for both shooters). One shooter will take all even numbered Billiards, the other will take the odd numbered ones.

Each shooter gets to take one shot at a time, If they hit the target they get to shoot again. If the shooter misses, the next shooter gets to try.

Continue until either all the odds, or all the evens have been shot.

Stars, Twenty (20) 1.25in

Shoot all twenty (20) 1.25" star's in the shortest possible amount of time.

There are many different games that can be inspired from this target, but one favorite seems to be:
Give each shooter exactly 20 rounds to shoot as many stars as possible in the shortest possible amount of time.

Award point's as follows (or change them to fit your needs):
+2 Point's for every star hit that is 100% inside the star
0 Points for any hit that touches the black edge of the star
-1 Points for any missed shot
+5 points to the shooter that uses the least amount of time to complete

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