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Forty-Two (42) Smiley Faces - Small

Forty-Two (42) Small Smiley Face targets. The smiley faces should be roughly 7/8" when printed out on 8.5x11" paper. This target is awesome for shooting some small groups at various distances.

Twelve (12) Clouds

This target has a total of (12) twelve outlines of clouds. The lines are relatively thin which helps to keep down amount of printer ink used.

Curved Dashed Line - Hard

Try to keep your shots within the small dashes (dots) along the curved line. This target is especially fun when using a scope or some other kind of optic.

You can even turn it into a competition between friends... For example, see who can keep the most number of shots inside the dashes (dots).

Sticks of Dynamite, Two

Cut though the fuses on the sticks of dynamite!! Many people like to set a time limit of 10-15 seconds! Try not to hit the bomb!!

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